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I'm Sarah,  a designer/maker turned self taught artist.
My style is bold yet simple, often isolating my animal subjects. I love to paint on a large scale and take inspiration for my horses from the old masters like Stubbs (whistle jacket in particular) and paint them in a contemporary style, and always with attitude and expression. I work mostly in oils and acrylics and focus much of my art on figurative and equine subjects but I also paint a lot of abstracts.
Although my background is interiors, during the first lockdown in 2020, like much of the creative industry, I found myself with unexpected time on my hands and began to teach myself to paint.
I opened an instagram account and was spotted by Una Malan who represents me in California, within 2 years I'd had a client list from my lovely instagram audience (where I go by the moniker Sassy Hardwick) from Una in California to film directors and high net worth individuals such as Carole Bamford, who not only purchased and commissioned numerous works but also hosted a solo exhibition.(Pinch me!) I sell my work world wide..
In Jan 2023, I was asked to design and make 6 wall lights for a clients home after she saw some of my sculpture. Once completed, I felt inspired to make other designs which led me to make not just wall lights but table lamps and hanging lights which is now a small collection which I intend to grow alongside my art.
Commissions are also available.

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