I'm Sarah, a designer/maker/artist.

 My background is interiors but during the first lockdown in 2020, like much of the creative industry, I found myself with unexpected time on my hands and decided  to learn how to paint and fell in love.

With about 20 paintings I opened an instagram account, and was simultaneously spotted by Carole, Lady Bamford, who not only purchased and commissioned numerous works but extended her incredible generosity in offering me a solo exhibition at Daylesford, and Una Malan who now represents me through her high-end showrooms in California.

Within two years I had a diverse and impressive client list, ranging from my wonderful Instagram audience to a film director, novelist and high net worth individuals. I sell my work worldwide. A dream come true!

I tend to focus on large-scale artworks in a bold yet simple style as it creates captivating and impactful pieces that command attention.

 Subjects are figurative, animals & abstracts.  

A lot of my equine work is influenced by the old masters like George Stubbs, particularly his stunning painting hanging in the National Gallery of "Whistlejacket," I translate these works using a contemporary approach by isolating the subjects on plain backdrops which gives them a powerful presence and brings attention to the individuality and expression of the subject.

In Jan 2023, a close friend and patron approached me to design and make her 6 wall lights. This sparked my desire to make more designs, which has developed into a collection. It's my aim to grow the lighting alongside my art.